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Upgrading microSD card capacity on RPI2

Upgrade the microSD capacity on RPi Servers

Recently, i had to upgrade my SD capacity of 8GB to 32GB without any data lost.

Here are the steps, i have followed to extend the SD card

Backup data:

Use of Win32Diskimager to create an Image of the full 8G SD card.

  1. Insert the SD card
  2. Open Win32 Disk Imager (can be downloaded here)

Click on Read, to save the image file.

Restore Image on another SD

Click on Write, to restore the image on a newer SD card.

RePlug SD  on your Raspberry Pi and update the file system

The Rpi is Up with only 8G on the File System

Check on the Fdisk – shows the maximum capacity of the disk (32GB)

Now, time to delete the partition and recreate it

Recreate the Partition with maximum size.

Reboot the Raspberry Pi and do a resize2fs to take into consideration the new file system
Great the Extension is done successfully without data lost 😀
So now the “server” has 24GB of free spaces – no need for extract Pendrive to Download files 😀
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