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Tweet image of stats of covid19

Tweet image of stats of covid19

This is a small personal project which tweets details about the current stats of covid19 in Mauritius by writing the stats received from https://github.com/CSSEGISandData/COVID-19/ on one of my image that I have uploaded on Google Photos.
The flow is programmed on NodeRed flows and triggered everyday a specific time.

The codes is available on gitlab https://gitlab.com/appadudevraj7/tweet-covidpictures-mru

The Scripts and Node red is on my Raspberry PI running the Raspbian Buster.


  • NodeRed (with twitter module)
  • Bash script
  • Imagemagick
  • A twitter API Token

Get Data from CSSEGISandData Github

Everyday at 23h55 GMT+0, the data in csv format is uploaded on https://github.com/CSSEGISandData/COVID-19/tree/master/csse_covid_19_data/csse_covid_19_daily_reports with name like “04-08-2020.csv

My first flow is to retrieve the data with the updated csv file based on previous date and is triggered at 01 AM.

– Create the URL of the daily report with previous date
– Download the CSV file using the http get request
– Convert the Result into csv
– Save the file as it contains data for all countries
– I have used a loop to get values for Mauritius only and save the details in json format on a file

A snippet of the Javascript to get details about mauritius

var data = msg.payload;

var confirmed,recovered, deaths;

for(var i = 0; i < data.length; i++)
  if(data[i]['Country_Region'] == 'Mauritius')
   confirmed =  data[i]['Confirmed'];
   recovered =  data[i]['Recovered'];
   deaths    =  data[i]['Deaths'];

msg.payload = '{"latest":{"confirmed": ' + confirmed + ',"deaths": ' + deaths + ' ,"recovered": ' + recovered + '}}' ;

return msg;

Prepare a custom Get Request to get values for mauritius

I have expose a url https://url.com/getcovid that will retrieve data of mauritius from the json file for Mauritius only

The Flow from NodeRed:-

Prepare Image with current Statistics

Imagemagick is of great help to allow image manipulation
1 . Get the URL of image from my API (Images from Google Photos)
2. Download the image on a path
3. Get http request on /getcovid on my node red to get the values
4. Use Imagemagick to write on the Image
5. Save the image on another location


Launch full flow to tweet image

  • Executes the image script to get the picture with stats on it
  • Get the image location and copy the file to Binary on Nodered
  • To post image on twitter, it uses the msg.media, the next node is to switch msg.payload to msg.media
  • Query the /covid on nodered to get stats that will be used as text post of twitter
  • Put all the Post together along with the picture (msg.media for image and msg.payload for the text tweet)
  • Use the twitter node to post

Final Result on Twitter

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