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Devraj Appadu – Enthusiast Nerd


devraj [–admin systems] [–admin database] [–developer][–other] [–contributor]



I’m a Linux Administrator with skills in system administration and applications development with various tools. Experienced in  configuring, monitoring, upgrading and maintaining systems hardware, software and related infrastructure. Strong analytical skills; able to work with technicians from various engineering disciplines to troubleshoot complex system-level issues


–admin systems

  • Experience with the configuring, hardening and maintenance of various Linux distributions, including:
    • Redhat Entreprise Linux, CentOS
    • Ubuntu, Debian
    • AIX and HP-UX
  • Comfortable working with Vmware Tools (vcenter, Vsphere,Vmotion, SVmotion). Able to customize and patch servers and kernel in vmware environment.
  • Experienced in Cloud systems; AWS, Azure, Aliyun, Numergy, Croc, OVH and private cloud
  • Able to setup virtual and physical Linux infrastructure including DNS servers, web/applications servers, mail servers. Familiar with server-level security layers like SELinux
  • Performing Qualys report analysis
  • Virus defacement and Root Cause Analysis
  • Linux Administrations
  • Setting up monitoring on zabbix/EON systems
  • proposing solutions to client about problems and deployments
  • Restoring client service back online according to SLA
  • Websites deployment on Apache or nginx
  • Configuring APACHE/NGINX modules ( FastCGI, URL Rewrite)
  • SSL certificate administration
  • PHP and other web framework
  • Configuring static IP on servers
  • Verification of VLAN config(gateway, proxy, DNS server)
  • Other Applications on which I have worked :
    • FTP : PureFtp,Proftp ServU, Filezilla – NTFS rights, FTP login and password, root directory settings, Read and write rules, etc
    • MDaemon – troubleshooting mail issues
    • Setting up proxy applications(e.g. Squid)
    • DNS servers configurations in BIND
      • DNS entries on NS
    • Redhat Clustering
    • Deployments on Java App (Tomcat/JBOSS/Hybris/Websphere/ElasticSearch..)

–admin Database

  • Skilled in Mysql/Postgresql/DB2 database administration


  • Scripting Python and Bash for system automated tasks
  • Projects on Web (Php, Ajax, database Mysql, HTML5, CSS3)
  • Java Projects (Messenger Applications based on peer Network using TCP/UDP, Bluetooth Scanning Application, Computer Vision Using webcams, Website   Crawling)
  • Visual Basic Projects (Bruteforcing Applications, Password Keyloggers)
  • ARM devices – Raspberry Pi running with Solar Energy
  • Scripting on python and bash to control GPIO (RC car with Wifi)
  • Automated Tweeting applications and using GPIO to control Led
  • Web Infrastructure (home.kushal.net)
  • Using Arduino along with Raspberry Pi


* Linkbynet Indian Ocean (2yrs11Months)

  • Senior Linux System Administrator
  • Technologies used
    • Linux: Centos and Debian (Touchbased HP-UX,AIX)
    • Windows servers (2003 – 2012)
    • MSSQL, MYSQL, Oracle
    • DNS (Bind)
    • Antivirus (kaspersky/McAfee)
    • WSUS
    • Use VMware client to manage Virtual Machines
    • Physical Servers (PDU/iLo/IDRAC)
    • Apache
    • Mysql
    • Tomcat
    • Nginx
    • Varnish
    • Hybris with SAP
  • Activities:
    • Maintain good running of system (Linux) and applications
    • Make changes on system according to customer   demand
    • On-call during weekends
    • Commended for technical, analytical and problem-solving skills; effective task prioritization; and customer service orientation.
    • Act as Level2 support


     * Courses Followed:

  • Completed CCNA Courses at University of Mauritius (2012)
  • Attendance Certificate from two level courses (level 2 and 3) at Micro Data Info (MDI) during 2006
  • Participated certificate in the Innoved Award project in 2006 organised by the Ministry of Education and Human Resources and NPCC
  • Completed a course on IC3 programme in December 2004
  • Completed a course in Computer Proficiency Programme from 1st November to 20th December 2004 organized by NPCC

* (Hons) Degree In BSC Computer Science

(Studied at University Of Mauritius ended in 2014 – CPA:59.04)

  • Final Year Project:
    • Road sign Detection and Voice Communication.
    • Developed in Java
    • Use of a Webcam to capture Traffic road signs  on a moving vehicle
    • The captured Image is used for sign detection
    • The software speaks the Name of the sign to the driver along with a beep sound
  • course Highlights:
    • Computer Security
    • Digital Image Processing
    • Mobile Wireless Networking
    • Ubiquitous Computing
    • Distributed Systems
    • Network Administration
    • System Design, Analysis and testing
    • Database Administration
    • Programming in Python, Java, PHP, c
    • Full course Details: (upon Requests)

* High School Certificate (A-Level)

(Studied at St-Joseph College Curepipe ended in 2010)

  • Main Subjects (3A) & Sub (GP : C, French B)
  • Mathematics
  • Accounting
  • Computing

* School Certificate (O-level)

(Studied at EASSS College Mahebourg ended in 2008 – Aggregated 12)

  • Subjects (English , French, Mathematics, Computer Studies, Additional, Mathematics, Principles of Accounts, Economics, Business Studies, Commercial Studies)


* E-mail: [email protected]
* Phone: + 230.578.404.42
* Twitter: KU5H4L
* Facebook: KU5H4L
* LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/KU5h4L
* URL: https://kushal.net

Devraj Appadu                                                           06/05/2017                                                                 DEVRAJ(26)

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