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Some interesting Android Apps

Lists of amazing Android apps that i’ve installed on my Samsung S3-mini with Android 4.1.2:-

(Most of the apps can be downloaded from the Play store while some on their respective website.)
Interesting Apps (Underline Apps are recommended):-
  1. Airdroid – Access your device through internet connection or Wifi. Listen to music, browse files, reply SMS messages etc..
  2. AndroidVNC – Remote control your desktop with VNC on android
  3. Antivirus [AVG] – Stay secure from viruses or harmful apps
  4. BlackMarket – Download free apps from Blackmarket which are paid in play store.
  5. Google Authenticator A two way verification techniques used by many websites.
  6. Bittorrent sync – Sync your mobile with your files on any other devices [Pc or laptop]
  7. Desktop Notification – Show all your mobile notification on your pc screen through a chrome extension.
  8. Device Manager – Remotely switch off your device or keep it on silent mode
  9. ES file Manager – A file Browser to browse files on your device.
  10. Evernote – Allow you to take notes and schedules tasks
  11. Dropbox – Sync with your dropbox
  12. Goggles – Take a picture and searches google to see what it is..
  13. Forza –  An app that tells you everything about a football team.
  14. Github – Android version of github
  15. Google Sky map – Fascinating about stars? this app helps you know the names of the star/planets by just pointing your device to the sky.
  16. Instructables….Pinterest.. CNET..Engadget.. – Interested in technology? this app is for you
  17. IP webcam – Use your mobile as an IP camera.
  18. Kies Air – Connect to your device through wifi and browse anything on the device.
  19. Google Keep – This App helps you keep all your notes or schedules
  20. Location Alarm – Set a location where your mobile will rings, when device reach within that point, it will start ringing.
  21. Music Remote – Control your music player on any browser
  22. Nova Prime Launcher – One of the best launcher i’ve ever used and it is fully customized
  23. Outlook – Check your hotmail account regularly..
  24. PirateBay Browser – Search torrents on piratebay and add it for download using a Torrent client like transdroid or Utorrent.
  25. Transdroid –  A torrent client that can be connected to torrent application and control it.
  26. QR code scanner –  Scan QR codes
  27. Shazam – Record a music, app will tell you the name
  28. Silence – Set when your device should be on silent mode and can sync with Google calendar.
  29. SoundCloud  Android version of SoundCloud
  30. Speedometer GPS – Get the speed your car is going through gps
  31. Teamviewer – Android version of teamviewer (control your pc through mobile)
  32. Video Downloader Download videos from Youtube or video hosting site
  33. VLC Music Player
  34. Wifi ADB – Deploy your Android app remotely without connecting to usb on pc [Eclipse]
  35. XBMC & xbmc remote – Use XBMC on android phones or control an XBMC device
  36. Utorrent –  Add torrents to be downloaded
Social Networking
  1. Facebook
  2. Google+
  3. Twitter
  4. Viber
  5. Whatsapp
  1. Amazon
  2. Ebay
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