Hi! 😊

Smart Car based on Arduino with collision Avoidance

My christmas toy arrived a bit “late”, around 2weeks after xmas , packed in with a  new board “arduino” which i haven’t use before for some more fun along with my RPi2.

Bought this toy on  ebay, which comes with the following items:

  • Car chassis 
  • Car Wheels
  • DC Gear Motor 2
  • Fasteners (high intensity black acrylic) x 4 
  • Caster 
  • Four battery box x 1  (battery does not include)
  • Quality Rocker Switch
  • Assembly drawing for cardboard
  • Several screw nut
  • V5 shield – board to controls pins for the arduino
  • UNO R3 -arduino
  • SG90 – servo motor
  • FPV – proximity sensor
  • L298N – use to control motors



Coding with Arduino is so much fun 😀 😀 😀
So here are the codes on Github:

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