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Buying a second hand car in Mauritius

Buying a second hand car in Mauritius

For those who are new to these Bureaucracy world of NTA/Registrar!!!

Below is the “legal” procedures that I have followed to transfer the ownership of my car from another owner onto my name when bought a second hand car

Requirements for this procedure

  • Patience
  • 1 Day off work
  • A bag, which will be filled with tonnes of PAPER!
  • Lots of Money!!

At the registrar Office, on their Billboards, they put a slogan “Lets work together towards a paperless world“, hopefully one day this gonna be a reality in Mauritius 🙂

Procedures to be followed when buying a car from someone else and transfer the horsepower of the vehicle in the buyer’s name:

Sale of Vehicle :

When buying/selling car you need this document to be printed thrice (3) and filled by both person: Deed of Sale (** NEED TO FILLED the 3 papers by pen — no photocopy)
All the naming and signature should be the same as in ID cards / Horsepower

1 document will be kept by the seller

2 documents will be kept by the buyer

Transfering The Horse Power in buyer’s name:

Get GAGE certificate (Issued in NTA offices)

Role of Seller:

Get the GAGE certificate at the NTA to be assured that the vehicle has no lien (e.g the vehicle is used as mortgaged / Duties on the car… )

Document required by the NTA (at any offices)

  •  Deed of sale of seller
  • HorsePower of the vehicle
  • Original ID card

The NTA will issue the GAGE certificate if there is no lien. (Fee cost Rs50* – Subjected to change)


The seller can issue a GAGE sans deplacement  (a letter stating that he has sold the vehicle  to the Buyer  — Clearly mention name/ID Card Number and Address) along the the seller’s ORIGINAL ID card.

If the Buyer is getting the GAGE certificate at the NTA:

Document Required:

  • 2 Deed of sale
  • HorsePower of vehicle
  • Original ID card of seller
  • Document GAGE sans Deplacement

The NTA will issue the GAGE certificate if there is no lien. (Fee cost Rs50*) and verify the 2 Deed of sales documents and put their Stamp in it.

The role of the seller is over now.

Registrar Office to transfer the name of the vehicle [Buyer]

Go to the Registrar office in Port-Louis (Emmanuelle Anquetil Building here) 6th Floor

Document Required:

  • HorsePower of vehicle
  • GAGE certificate
  • Deed of Sale (1 only which has the stamp of NTA)

When your turn has come (around 30mins – meanwhile you can check the insurance agent on the ground floor to get a quotation and benefits from the assurance – you will find many insurance agents on the ground flow), go to the counter and submit those documents.

Once the verification is done, you will be asked to wait for 30mins to get 1 Deed of sale TAXED. (its a barcode on the paper) and do the payment depending on the fees to register the vehicle in your name.

Payment depending on the car Details about the fees

Get a New Insurance for the vehicle on the buyer’s name [Buyer]

The Insurance of the previous owner will be written off.

Once done with the registrar, you need to get the car insured.

Normal document that will be required:

  • Horse Power with previous owner
  • Buyer ID card
  • Taxed Deed of Sale (that you have got from the registrar office)
  • Some money
  • Gage Certificate

Transfer the Name of horsePower [Buyer] at NTA

Return the the NTA and queue up :d (after 3pm when the doors are closed, the work inside is really really RAPID)

Document Required:

  • HorsePower of the previous owner
  • Insurance Document
  • Gage Certificate
  • Buyer ID card
  • Taxed Deed of sale (from registrar)

Once the verification is done, a fee of Rs300 is paid and the Horse Power will be on the buyer’s name!! 🙂

You are Done, go to the seaside!

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