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RaspberryPi RC car controlled through the WEB

This is my first raspberry pi controlled RC car using Webiopi. Have a look at the basic steps that I’ve gone through to make this car.

Materials used:-
-DC moto stepper (buy one from ebay)
-Raspberry pi with Webiopi installed  (tutorial to install webiopi)
-rc car [get one from your stores]
-GPIO cables and wires
-AA batteries for car

Motor relays pins explained:-
-the pins on the sides on the board is for the wires(+/-) of the motors
-the three pins are (+ve from battery of car, Ground of battery of car + Ground of RaspberryPi, 5V from raspberryPi)
-the remaining 4 pins [each pin control the motor (forward/backward and forward/backward)] and
remember to put the same pin into the GPIO pins on the raspberry pi.

A few pictures about the rc cars and the wires used:-

The wheels

The wheels





Materials and tools




Connecting Wires to Stepper



Final Result


When everything is hooked up, power on the raspberry pi and login into the default webiopi homepage

https://ip.com:8000 using default username and password

Controlled each pins on the web ;)

I have followed this guy from YouTube for a more detailed overview of the configuration and settings

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