Hi! 😊

Powering Raspberry Pi with Solar Panels 24/7 - Web server, NAS, Torrent Downloader ....

What if we have a raspberry PI powered by green energy??

Since a very looonngggg time, i wanted to have a few devices to run through the solar energy and now, after gathering all the required materials; my raspberry pi B+  is under solar energy.
Materials that i’ve used:-
  1. Raspberry Pi Model B+
  2. 2 Solar panels (12v with 10w as output each)
  3. Solar charge controller
  4. Cables 😛
  5. DC converter (12v to 5v)
  6. Battery (12v 4.7Amps)
  7. UPS *** (if you need an invertor from 12v to 240v)
The schema diagram:-





This is my small contribution towards green energy.

Will try to charge mobiles phones with it, hopefully my little battery will be able to last 24hrs a day ^_^.

NOW, my web server is on free energy.



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