Hi! 😊

New raspberry pi unpacking

Finally received the raspberry pi this morning
20131109_10335220131109_103255 20131128_101629
Have a look at the pics for unpacking and got chance to install the openelect for time being due to sd card size of only 2gb :p
Had some problems before a successful boot
Followed the guide to installed openelec on windows but had to put an additional text file “cmdline” to make it boot
After lots of attempts ..finally booted
Made some sily mistakes though
When partitioning ..forgot to apply the changes
Also hd a great time with my router
Pff…used it as client ..wifi to wired
Being able to watch some videos from utube and pendrive
Without sound ..lol
And tested my phone remote xbmc
Which works perfectly 😉
Looking forward for some new project ^_^
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