Hi! 😊

New Raspberry pi Case and omxplayer

New Raspberry Pi Case 

Received my RASPI case today after 3weeks 😛 [got it from ebay around $3] and got 3 Heat sinks accompanied
Its cool now to see my pi in an acrylic case [check out my pics below :D]

Installed OMXPLAYER to watch movies from command line

 Its available on the distro ..with simple commands SUDO APT-GET INSTALL omxplayer
to watch a movie with HDMI as audio input “omxplayer -o hdmi filevideo.path”
and can also control the player on the cli with shortcut keys like
Increase/Decrease Volume( +/-)
Pause (Space or p)
or simple type omxplayer to get all the options available
Check out the last picture, watching Inception on tv and controlling from my netbook through ssh

Bits and pieces of the case + 3 Heat Sink
Up and Running

Testing from Laptop USB

After Assembly
After Assembling
Power Supply Plugged

Watching Inception from My Pi using OMXPLAYER

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