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Connect two Netgear Router

Connect two Netgear Router

Expanding the network wifi by two different routers with same DHCP server which will be on the primary router.

I have two netgear (R6350 and WNR1000) which I wanted to extend across the house using a LAN cable.

Both Netgear Router is a wifi access point, the main Router R6350 is used as primary router and WNR1000 is the secondary router.

The R6350 is connected to the Internet via a gateway from the ISP and acts like a DHCP server for the whole internal network.

The gateway is connected on the YELLOW port for the internet.

Configuration of Internal DHCP on the Primary Router R6350

– Check the “Use Router as DHCP server”

Configuration of StaticIP on the Secondary Router WNR1000

WNR1000, uncheck the Option “Use Router as DHCP server” and on the LAN TCP/IP setup add a static IP
if the primary router is 10.x.x.1, you can place the secondary router as 10.x.x.2 and a subnet mask of (/24).

Connecting the Routers

On the Primary Router connect the cable on one of the available port and on the secondary Router connect it to any port other than the internet port (Yellow one).

Connect a device and you will allocate an IP which is same as on the primary router.

Wifi Connectivity

  • Ensure that both Router has different SSID as you will get confuse to which router to connect
  • In case both router has same SSID, the performance will be degraded as your mobile device can connect to the Access point which is the farest.
  • When setting up the WLAN, ensure the SSID are on different channels (1, 6 and 11) are the ones that do not overlap.

A great tutorial by wikihow:-

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