Hi! 😊

Burned the raspberry pi b+

I’ve burned my RPI 🙁 .. don’t ever put a 12v input on the GPIO pins [though it happened by mistakes]

Even though the RPI can be powered by 3 ways:

  • Use the Normal power usb port
  • Use the 5v and GND pin on the GPIO
  • Use the usb ports
I’ve tried to use these but in vain 🙁 only the green led keeps on lighting.
Maybe i would someday make the RPI alive. [fingercross]
All i had to do is to restore to my “old” RPI model B which was used on my TV [XBMC – Kodi]

… and its up and running

Looking forward to buy the new RPI2 and i hope that i’ll be able to make a cluster of RPIs 😀

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