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About Me


I’m Devraj APPADU (Also Kushal Appadu) living in Mauritius.

A brief story of mine about tech:

I’m a young boy loving the new marvelous technologies simplifying of our beautiful life since I was around 14-15 (wasn’t expose much to those technologies back then). It all started with the famous Windows XP Pro where the basics of systemAdmin skills developped 🙂

From there on, I was like learning new things every day and decided to make a career in the field of IT and mostly tackling problems with programming flows..

Joined the University of Mauritius as a Computer Science Student, which was one of the main Goal of my life to be a Bachelor Holder in Computer Science Field 😉

…and yes, like they said in Mauritius, after University you easily get employed  in IT field,
truly as my exams were over, I already had a job @ Linkbynet.

From time to time, I try to implement something kicky while using my favorite programming languages (Python/PHP) and try as much to blog about it.


  • Mobile Photography (Googleplus)
  • Plane Spotter
  • DIY (break, repair)
  • SysAdmin Life
>>>>>>>>> Checkout my CV here! <<<<<<<<<<

Keep Browsing my blog (https://blog.kushal.net) – more cool stuff on their way…Still then Stay safe 😉

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