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Prank- Eject CDROM 0

Prank- Eject CDROM

set wmp = createObject(“wmplayer.ocx.7”) set drives = wmp.cdromCollection sub open_saysame() on error resume next do if drives.count >= 1 then for i = 0 to drives.count – 1 drives.item(i).eject()nextend ifloopend subopen_saysame()Copy and paste the...

Hotmail Hack 0

Hotmail Hack

================================================================= ============================================================================================ ———————–>The Hotmail Hack<———————————————————————————– ============================================================================================ ============================================================================================     This file is all about Hotmail free internet based e-mail and how to gain access to any account you want.  (Well…almost).  Anyways, I am not responsible...

Hacking from your Web Browser 0

Hacking from your Web Browser

                 *********************************************************************** I – Introduction     This file will describe several techiniques to aquire a password file just by using an ordinary web browser.  The information provided will be best described for the beginner...